Super Hand Mixer
Super Hand Mixer
Super Hand Mixer
Super Hand Mixer

Super Hand Mixer

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1. Speed Control
2. Plastic Structure
3. Forkr
4. Muddler
5. Release Button
220-240V 50/60 Hz 180W
Push the beaters into slots, slightly turning until locking into proper position.

-Immerse the beaters into products mixture.

-Plug the mixer into the wall socket.

-Slide the speed control switch to the desired speed.

-When the desired consistency is reached, slide the speed control switch to "0" position. Wait until the beaters stops and unplug mixer.

-Press beaters release button and remove the beaters.

Note: Set the speed depending on type of food. Always start to work at low speed, and then gradually increase it. As the mixture during processing becomes thicker, increase power by switching to a higher speed.

Caution : When inserting the dough hooks, remember that the rod with the large washer should be inserted in the right-hand slot, and the one with the small washer into the left-hand slot. This is to avoid the risk of the ingredients spilling over the rim of the utensils/ receptacle.
To prevent motor overheating, do not work continuously longer than 10 minutes and obligatory stop mixer for less than 10 minutes., letting it cool to room temperature.
What’s in the box 1 set (include 1 x Electric Egg Beater+ 4 x stirrers (two types)+1 English Manual sheet

What's in the box
1 x egg beater
1 x manual
4 x stirrers, 2 types