Natural Water - Soluble Fragrances

Natural Water - Soluble Fragrances

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Various fragrances to meet your requirement. Water-soluble, can drop into water and mix to use. For humidifier, aroma lamp, diffuser etc. It can relieve stress, nervous system, make you pleasant and also refresh the air. Usage: Suitable for heated aromatherapy diffuser or atomize aromatherapy diffuser, add drops of essential oil to clear water then turn on the machine. There you can enjoy aromatherapy. Please clean the water tank if you change the taste of the Essential Oil. How to store: Store in a cool place without sun. Keep away from children or pets.


Contents: 10ml / bottle

Fragrance: Lavender, Cherry, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee, Sandalwood

Package Size: 15.5 * 9 * 3

Package Included: 6 Bottles of Essential Oils