Mini USB Cigarette Lighter
Mini USB Cigarette Lighter
Mini USB Cigarette Lighter
Mini USB Cigarette Lighter

Mini USB Cigarette Lighter

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Double arc oblique ignition design, simple operation, fast ignition, cool appearance. After opening the lid of the lighter, simply press the open switch to Ignite Quickly.

High safety and long service life. When the lighter cover is closed, it will not ignite even if you touch the switch. Butane-free, safe and environmentally friendly and safe to protect you and your family. This item is made of high-quality lithium battery, zinc alloy metal, durable for long time use.

The side LED indicator shows the remaining power, can clearly know its power consumption, can be charged by laptop, car charger, power bank, and power adapters anytime, anywhere, conveniently and quickly. It takes two hours for a full charge and lasts over three hours for continuous use.

Ultra-thin design, portable use. Compact and slim, design is easy to carry, non-burning, windproof, easy to ignite, can be used under any even in wind and rain, suitable for camping, hiking and hiking. You can take it to the plane as it does not contain flame fuel.

Ideal gift option. Stylish and ultra-thin design, multiple colors, elegant gift box, perfect for holiday, birthdays and business.

What's in the box
1x Cigarette Lighter
1x Rechargeable USB
1x Box

Colours available: