Metering Salt Shaker
Metering Salt Shaker
Metering Salt Shaker

Metering Salt Shaker

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- Accurate: The amount of the salt shaker is very accurate each time.
- Every time you press the button, five grams of salt comes out, and then it is evenly sprinkled on the food through the small holes.
- Transparent design: The salt shaker is transparent so that we can easily see the capacity of the spices inside so that we can replenish the spices in time.
- Easy to operate: The operation of the salt shaker is very simple. We only need to press the button lightly and sprinkle it on the food.
- These operations can be performed with one hand, which is very convenient.
- Seal Protective: The seal of the salt shaker is very good, it will not leak out easily, of course, it is not easy to get in any impurities, which can ensure the cleanliness and taste of the spices.
- Application: Different spices can be put in the bottle and poured out through the upper hole, which is very practical.

- Condiment Shaker Dispenser with release button.
- Convenient for sprinkling evenly
- Can be used to hold salt, pepper, seasoning, etc.
- Equipped with a return tank to recover excess seasoning.
- Easy to disassemble and clean

- Dimension of Item: 6.5cm X 6.5cm X 13.5cm (LxBxH).
- Capacity?160ml
- Material?ABS+Glass

Additional features:
- Glass is fragile, avoid strong impact.
- When cleaning, please use a soft cloth, avoid scratches.
- Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals.
- Do not put in Direct Sunlight or near a fire place.
- Need regular cleaning and maintenance

The World Health Organization advocates that the daily intake of human salt should be within 5g. For your health, please use a 5g quantitative salt shaker to calculate the amount of salt and live a healthy life every day!

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