Magic Gyro Bowl
Magic Gyro Bowl
Magic Gyro Bowl
Magic Gyro Bowl
Magic Gyro Bowl

Magic Gyro Bowl

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360° Rotate Spill-Proof Infants Toddler Baby Kids Training Feeding Bowl
Made with revolutionary spill-resistant technology, the Gyro Bowl will keep your kids entertained and your living room clean at snack time.
Does your toddler treat your floor, walls and even sofa as the perfect spots for target practice while eating or snacking? Now we have had this Gyro Bowl to solve all these problems while our toddler having fun eating but without the mess! No matter what position, the inside bowl always remains upright, we try food to spill over. Gyro Bowl is the amazing spill-proof bowl that keeps food in place no matter how much your child spins, turns, dumps, or drops the bowl. Internal rotation centre power design for the transfer, the food will not pour out.
Our baby feeding bowl is designed for baby and shaped like a flying saucer, looks really cute and sweet. No spill, no mess, foods or snacks won’t fly around even baby hold the bowl sideways, and the baby could play it as a toy, but make sure there is nothing in the bowl if the baby wants to play it in 360 degrees. The inside bowl can be taken apart for easy cleaning. Such a nice baby feeding bowl, worth buying!
Type: Non-Spill Feeding Toddler Kid Gyro Bowl 360 Rotating Baby Avoid Food Spilling.
Universal Gyro Bowl with Lid; Great for babies and kids to have fun while they eat but without the mess.
The inner bowl rotates 360 degrees.
Kid-proof Gyro Bowl; Dishwasher Safe, Saves time, less Cleaning. Virtually indestructible; This bowl is great for everyday use, car rides, playtime, outside fun, and much more. Not only is it great for parents, but it’s a fun way to get our kids to eat those stubborn veggies. First choice for every parent.
No more spillage caused by kids, 100% kid-proof. Rotates 360 degrees and stays open side up. Makes snacks fun for the kids without making any mess.
Lid included. Bowl rotates 360 degrees. Dishwasher safe. Virtually indestructible. Non-toxic. Saves time. Less cleaning.
Material: PP
Size: 17cm x 17cm
Bowl size: 10cm x 7cm (L x H)