Canopy Dish Rack and Organizer
Canopy Dish Rack and Organizer

Canopy Dish Rack and Organizer

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Organize your kitchen with this Canopy Dish Rack And Organizer!


The utility rack will enlarge your storage space vertically while taking up less counter space

Not only can you dry and store plates, bowl and cup, but there's even a knife block to store knives.

Place dishwashing accessories such as soap, sponge, brush, gloves or towels, and a spot for drying cutting boards or pot lid, even pots and pans can be kept in order on the shelf and for easy taking, hooks on the right side for hanging wine glasses, baby bottle, mugs etc

This ultimate free standing dish drying rack makes washing, drying and organizing, all at the same spot.

It will not block the sink or affect the rotation of the faucet

You can easily stack washed dishes and utensils in separated compartments and easy to reach to your sponge, towels and dish soap. when you wash or dry the dishes and utensils, water will drip directly into the sink, cuts down on all the wiping and cleaning. keeping your countertop and floor clean and tidy


Colour: Black
Size: 65cm x 31cm x 52cm (LxWxH)
Stainless steel material: stainless steel