4 Hole Crepe Pan
4 Hole Crepe Pan
4 Hole Crepe Pan
4 Hole Crepe Pan

4 Hole Crepe Pan

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The inner surface of the frying pan is treated with a non-stick coating, making it easier to and more hygienic.
Selected high-quality aluminium materials, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and long service life.
One-time forming mold, evenly heated, can help you quickly make delicious breakfast.
Equipped with anti-scald handle, good heat insulation effect, it is the perfect home kitchen tool
The pan and handle are strengthened with screws, which are strong and durable, and not easy to lose or fall off.


Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium alloy and Bakelite
Size: 38x18.5x2.4cm
Type: Frying Pan
Model: Burger Eggs
Single hole size: 9 cm in diameter
Surface Treatment: Non-stick Coating
Shape: 4Round Holes
Features: Non Stick